No, it is not illegal as long as the person is in an area where they have no reasonable expectation of privacy. That is, if someone is in public, you can take a picture of them. … In general, in public places it’s not illegal to take someone’s photograph unless it’s somewhere with an expectation of privacy, like a public convenience.

Yes, all my images are Copyright protected either by a watermark or an embedded watermark. Unauthorised use of such images will be considered as an infringement of my Copyright and appropriate action will be taken.

Once you purchase an image either digital or print, you are granted a License to use. You must not re-sell or publish in any format whatsoever.

Unfortunately no. This is because prints can be downloaded without the Photographers knowledge which will only come to light if the image is seen, then it is hard to track who posted or copied it.

However, you can now order Prints and a variety of other items ideal for gifts. Just click the STORE button and make your selection. All details are given and easy to make your choice.

Occasionally I make Limited Edition prints that are signed and will hopefully increase in value. If you are interested please contact me direct at: prints@photonews.org.uk

The information we hold on anyone to enable us to run the website and offer a Press Card is contained in the Application Forms.

All data is held on a secure server and we will never sell or divulge this data to a third party unless instructed to do so under a Court Order.

You can request to see, have altered or remove this data by submitting a request as outlined elsewhere on this website. (see Data Protection).

As from May 2018 the Law changed enabling you to ask to see what data we hold about you, alter it if necessary or get it deleted. There is a small charge for this to cover administration. You can find details in the Store.

We hold a database of professional and amateur photographers which will be used in time to promote their work. Initially joining us will allow you to submit some of your work for consideration for a page of your own on our website.